What is advocacy?

Advocacy is there for the times when we need to say something but don’t think we can because the situation is daunting, a bit scary, too emotional or complicated and that’s okay, we all have those times.

Advocates won’t give you advice, they won’t tell you what to do. An advocate can give you information or signpost you to information and they can offer an opinion, but when it comes to what to do, an advocate thinks it is really important that you decide what’s best for you.

An advocate is like a story-teller, they help you to tell your story, usually to people in positions of authority. An advocate makes sure that people listen to your story and if you don’t feel able to, an advocate will tell your story for you. You might not think it, but stories, when they are heard, can be very powerful tools; they have the potential to affect change.

An advocate is independent, they are there only for you; there is no hidden agenda – ever.

And when your story has been told and hopefully there is a happy ever after, we close the book. Advocacy is about empowering you and enabling you to make informed decisions for yourself; it’s about knowing your rights and being able to assert them. We hope that you will be confident enough to start the next chapter of your story on your own.