Angel Advocates can help in most situations involving individuals or groups and an authority, (an authority is usually a public service provider, i.e. local council, NHS, schools and education, courts, or other government department, care providers).

Angel Advocates cannot help with advice, befriending, counselling, domestic matters, disputes between individuals or criminal offences.

You do not need to be entitled to an advocate under the law to access Angel Advocates. We believe that everyone should be able to have an Angel in their corner, if they feel they need one.

Independent Advocacy

An Independent Advocate can support you  in meetings, (virtual and in-person), in conferences, by letter and email, by ‘phone, so that your views are heard and understood by the authority. Your advocate aims to enable you to represent yourself, but if you don’t feel able, your advocate will speak for you.

An Independent Advocate can help you to get information and can help you understand it so that you can make informed decisions.

An Independent Advocate will not tell you what to do or give you advice.

Your advocate may be a volunteer Angel or employed by us. We try to match client to Angel whenever possible. At times of high demand we prioritise clients according to the urgency  and seriousness of the individual cases.

Uninstructed Advocacy

Some people are not legally able to instruct an advocate themselves, perhaps because they are too young, too vulnerable or too unwell. That doesn’t mean that an advocate can’t help.

Angel Advocates believes that these clients’ views are still very important and so we listen more closely and speak more clearly on their behalf.

Friends, family or third-party agents need to refer uninstructed clients.

For minors, please see the Children & Young People’s page.

Group Advocacy

Angels can represent a group of individuals or a community with a single issue or issues in common. An advocate can support in presenting the group’s views or help in obtaining and collating information to aid decision making.

Angel Advocates can also work with groups  and minority groups who have shared experiences and concerns to pre-empt and prepare for given situations and scenarios through the medium of the arts – please see the Events page for more information and to find a workshop near you.

Legal Advocacy

Sometimes we come across cases that need specialist legal help and for that we have our own team of legal professionals, including in-house counsel. Angel Advocates recognises that not everyone who needs legal help can afford it or qualify for Legal Aid and that even if you do qualify for Legal Aid, it might not be available in your area.

Legal cases cannot be referred directly by the client, but are referred by our Independent Advocates and through our approved agencies, (for a full list of agencies we take referrals from, please see the Links page).

Spiritual Advocacy 

We recognize there are times in everyone’s life when nobody can take away the pain, the anger, the hurt and, suffering; when the, ‘why’ questions are too big to answer.

For those times we can offer the services of spiritual advocates. This is a service available to people of all faiths and none and is predominantly a listening service. All our spiritual advocates are people of faith and happy to pray with you and for you.